I started writing when I was an English teacher in the Chicago area, way back in the Seventies. I got started writing when I would make assignments to the kids, and then I’d end up writing along with them. I started out writing about schools and education, but then I started writing more about the outdoors, and that’s where I’ve veered ever since.


The Grand and Magnificent PlaceIn 2006, the University Press of New England, in Lebanon, New Hampshire published my first book, This Grand and Magnificent Place: The Wilderness Heritage of the White Mountains. It’s a blend of history, literature, art, and conservation about these fabulous mountains. You can order it at the following places:


Articles & Essays

Here’s a list of some of the articles and essays that I’ve published over the years. There are even some links, like to Appalachia, a journal published quarterly by the Appalachian Mountain Club in Boston.

"November Forest Walk." Naturewriting.com. Posted June 25, 2015.

"Cleaning Up the South Branch of the Chicago River." Chicago Life, Summer 2015.

"Franconia Notch: Closing the Circle." Naturewriting.com. Posted June 25, 2015.

"Chicago's Mass Transit Crisis." Chicago Life, Spring 2015.

"The Greening of Chicagoland's Job Picture." Chicago Life, February 2015.

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"Climbing into Flow." Appalachia, Summer/Fall 2014.

“Fracking Comes to the Prairie State.” Chicago Life, Spring 2014. Download Fracking Comes to the Prairie State (PDF, 2.35MB)

“Frankenstein Cliff and the Black Dog.” Appalachia, Summer/Fall 2013.

“Badlands Restoration.” Palo Alto Review, Summer 2012.

“Menominee Forest Keepers” (with Barbara Johnson). American Forests, Spring 2012.

“The Slide Show That Saved the Whites” (with David Govatski). Appalachia, Winter/Spring 2011.

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“Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie.” Chicago Wilderness, Summer 2008.

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Hiking Back in Time: The Mountain Stronghold of Cochise” (with Barbara Johnson). Appalachia, Summer/Fall 2004.

“The Law That Saved the Appalachians.” Appalachia, Summer 2003.

“The Picturesque, the Sublime, and the Magnificent: A Legacy of White Mountain Art.” Appalachia, June 2002.

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Stock photo credit: New Hampshire Mountains © nialat — Fotolia.com